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Biohazard Restoration & Cleanup

Being exposed to chemical and bio contaminants can pose very severe health concerns. If not properly removed and cleaned this can cause unhealthy living conditions. Only trained Professionals should be removing hazardous waste. Not only is Crisis Restoration one of the leading experts in restoration but we’re also capable of safely removing hazardous material in accordance with local health regulations.

We're Equipped and Ready

Crisis Restoration Franchise Professionals can help bring your home or office back to normal living conditions. Our team specializes in full scale restoration. We can be sure to bring your property back to life. Crisis Restoration is equipped with the latest & greatest restoration technologies, eco-friendly solutions and safety equipment to protect your house from further damage.

Common Scenarios For Biohazard Removal

Examples of a Few Scenarios For Professional Cleanup

Blood Spills

Blood contaminated your home or office from a spill or accident.

Meth Lab

Illegal drugs can cause harmful residues throughout a property. Our team can fully clean all surfaces to bring your building back to normal living conditions.

Sewage Loss

Has your home been a victim of a sub pump backup or sewage loss? Small microscopic organisms can leak into a structure from a water intrusion and cause awful odors that can be harmful to you and your family. Your property needs to be disinfected properly and dried to prevent further secondary damage.


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