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Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Services

Sewage backups contain bacteria and viruses in the water. When your property has a sewage backup you can rest assured that Crisis Restoration has it under cover. Our team has adequate training and equipment to safely clean & sanitize your home.
Water damage is classified into three separate classes. Each class of damage will determinate what equipment and sanitizing methods we use. Our team will come out and assess the damage to determine how we can limit your loss and attempt to save as many personal belongings as possible.

Understanding Different Types of Contamination

Category 1 water is clean water that can come from a broken supply line or leaking faucet. If this water is not dried up this can turn into Category 2 or 3 and began to mold.

Category 2 water can be toilet overflows with urine, dishwasher overflows, and much more. Think of water that you wouldn’t feel safe to drink from a straw. This can also be referred to as “gray water.”

Category 3 water is highly contaminated and could cause illness or death if ingested. Outside flooding can sometimes be classfied as Cat 3. Its’s best to have a highly trained team of professionals like Crisis Restoration to remove and sanitize any water intrusions. Below are some of the common reasons we are dispatched to homes like yours.

Our Promise To You

Crisis Restoration Franchise Professionals deal with all different types of emergency water losses 24/7/365 so it’s safe to say we can handle your job for you. We are one of the fastest growing water damage restoration companies in your area and are sure to safely restore your property in a swiftly manner.
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